This is Njike's Art log. Mostly past TPP stuff. Pokemon is pretty rad

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winter boy and summer shounen 



Pokémon Platinum:
Amity Square
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by ceba
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#99: Rhyhorn Love <3

Finished playing Y version last week.

I didn’t have a final team until the 6th gym (there are so many mon to choose from seriously).

Caught a Rhyhorn in the Glittering Cave because I never raised one before.

I named him Rolo and fell in love ahhhhhhhhhhh (replaced both my starters). He’s a Rhydon now :3.

Kinda fitting considering your mom in the game is a Rhyhorn racer he he.

Everyone should raise a Rhyhorn <3.

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I’m sure Mega Sharpedo is still super huggable!

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#98: Rotom Test.

Ugly colours here have them.

Wanted it to be a bit more creepy…

Ghosts types are rad.

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Face Dump

For logging purposes.

Pokemoning will continue soon.

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